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Location and Service Considerations

Wherever you would like to farewell your loved one.  To help choose the best venue, think about:

  • How far friends and family will need to travel
  • Religious and cultural significance of the funeral
  • Any requests your loved one made

We are always happy to talk through your ideas, whether you would like a chapel, a small intimate service


Cremation is the preferred method of farewell of over 80% of Australians. With cremation you’ll need to decide on a resting place for your loved one’s ashes, there are many options for a final resting place, ashes can be scattered, buried, kept or divided between a family. If you do choose cremation, please think about what you would like to happen with the ashes as this can be a difficult decision to make after the funeral. We provide air-conditioned chapels, catering facilities, internet streaming and immaculately maintained memorial gardens. Views of trees and natural Australian bushland surround.


A burial means you’ll have a permanent place to visit and the ability to create a lasting memorial to your loved one. Many cemeteries today are lawn cemeteries where a small block of concrete is set in the lawn and an inscribed plaque is set on to it. This enables much easier maintenance and usually a much tidier appearance. Cemeteries have a day a week on which they remove all the flowers. This is necessary for the lawns to be cared for correctly. Except for immediately after a burial all flowers must be placed in the prescribed receptacles which are provided. This promotes uniformity and prevents the cemetery owner becoming liable for breakages. Cemetery plots may be pre-purchased. Our funeral director or local council can arrange that for you, or a plot may be purchased “at need”.

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