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At Newhaven Funerals NQ, we understand that planning a funeral or arranging a cremation can be a challenging time for anyone.

That’s why our caring and professional team is here to help you handle the details every step of the way. Whether you’re pre-planning for your own funeral or arranging the funeral of a loved one, we go above and beyond to provide an empathetic, friendly service.

Our highly trained team is equipped with the skills and experience to make the planning process as smooth and simple as possible. Whether you have something specific you’d like to do or need our advice on the best way to plan, we’re always here to listen and help. Our compassionate approach and experience in the industry make us the ideal choice of funeral directors in Mackay.

If you family has recently suffered with the loss of a loved one, please reach out to us for support. Newhaven Funerals is here to assist you in this troubling time.

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Funerals are not something people like to talk about, but at some point, in life, they are necessary. The loss of a loved one is never easy, even when it has been expected and prepared for; and therefore finding a compassionate and experienced funeral director is so important.

If you’re planning your own funeral in advance or have just lost someone close to you, Newhaven Funerals NQ can help you navigate this sensitive time with a variety of services.

If you’re thinking of a cremation, traditional funeral burial, or ocean ceremony to scatter ashes, one of our funeral directors will be there to assist you.

Newhaven Funeral NQ make the process of saying goodbye to loved ones that little bit easier. We work with you to create a beautiful, tailored funeral or cremation ceremony that suits their wishes, and helps you say goodbye in the best way possible. From order of service to choice of music, we help you plan a perfectly bespoke funeral and the ideal way to celebrate your loved one’s life.

If you’re pre-planning a funeral, our team would be happy to work through the smallest details with you and help you make those all-important decisions ahead of time. Whether you’d like to leave the general planning up to our expert team or you have a specific requirement or unique event you’d like to include as part of your funeral, we ensure your wishes are followed to the letter.

Our team understands that there isn’t a template for the loss of a loved one or the way that they are remembered. We’re more than happy to accommodate last-minute changes and to support you in deciding on the ceremony, burial, or ash-scattering service you’re considering. No two funerals are the same, and our expertise makes us a good fit to ensure everything goes without a hitch when the day arrives. To arrange a funeral or discuss your options, please reach out to us on 1800 549 719

To browse our upcoming services or pass on your condolences, please visit our online tribute centre.

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