Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions or need further assistance, please contact us.

It’s normal that your tastes change over time so it’s best to review your wishes every couple of years. Make sure your family and friends know if your wishes have changed. If you have proceeded to secure your wishes with a prepaid funeral, please contact your chosen Funeral Director for assistance.

You will have peace of mind knowing that once your funeral details have been documented in a contract, the uncertainty concerning your final wishes will be lifted from the shoulders of your family and friends making the time of your passing easier for them.

There is absolutely no cost to meet with a Funeral Director.They’re there to help and guide you through the process of pre-planning your funeral. If you would like to meet with a funeral director in Mackay, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

The first step to begin planning your funeral is to reach out to us. Funeral Directors can alleviate the burden of the unknown by guiding you through the planning process, explaining the services available and the costs involved. We would be honoured to support you in this decision.

A pre-planned funeral does not cover the cost and is a tool to help you outline your wishes. With a prepaid funeral plan, you can provide clear answers for all of these questions and protect your family against inheriting the costs associated with a funeral.A prepaid funeral plan provides the security of a contract between you and your funeral director that specifies the details of your funeral service, at a fixed cost. By locking in at today’s prices, you know how much you need to pay now without further costs in the future. For more information you can call us directly or visit Forester Financial Here

Payment options

Can I pay the funeral cost over a period of time?

Yes. Planning and paying for your funeral in advance means you can avoid leaving your family with unnecessary financial and emotional stress. We can offer a flexible payment process where families may take up to (36 ) thirty six months to pay off their pre paid service. Talk to our friendly staff who will help you with our payment terms and information regarding time payments.

Funeral plans are sound financial planning tools that protect your family by fixing the price of your funeral, allowing flexible payment terms, maximising your pension entitlements and setting a cap on the cost of your funeral.

Your money for the funeral plan is protected and secure.

Essentially we form an agreement with you to invest your money wisely to cover funeral costs in the future with the funds gathering interest to cover inflation. The rules of a funeral plan are they can only be claimed by using a person’s death certificate which verifies their death, and only then are the funds, in trust and with interest gathered, actually paid to Newhaven Funerals NQ, to perform the funeral.

Essentially, we are holding monies on your behalf in with Foresters Financial. These funds are still owned by the family, not the funeral plan, so they are protected from such things as bankruptcy, insolvency or receivership, because they are considered an asset, held on trust, not of the company.