Cremation Urns & Memorial Jewellery

Cremation Urns & Memorial Jewellery

Infant Items

AUNS30-8125 My Little Angel

2777 Memory Light Candle Pearl White Keepsake

CMC5501 Pink Teddy Bear Box – Personalised

CMC5502 White Teddy Bear Box – Personalised

AUCM19 Teddybear Memory Chest

AUPSTTB Scattering Tube Teddy Bear Mini


AUNS30-8130 Mum Bead

AUNS30-8131 Dad Bead

AUNB-BB1 Braided Leather Black

AUNB-BB3 Braided Leather Cognac

AUNB-CL1 Leather Black

AUNB-CL3 Leather Cognac

AUNT8001 Pewter Cylinder

AUNT5201 Cable Link Onyx

AUNT5121 Onyx Textured Cross

AUNT5103 Onyx Hourglass

AUNB-RS-KYN Kyanite Ring

AUNB-PS-KYN Kyanite Pendant

Unique Urns

AULT572 Flying Doves Tealight Keepsake

AULT501 Returning Home Tealight Keepsake

AULK1003 LoveHeart Pearl Keepsake

AULM520 T-Simplicity Midnight

AULK520 T-Simplicity Midnight

AULK218 Art Deco Keepsake

AUP4110BL Journey Earthurn Aqua Blossom Adult And Mini

AUR3002 Heart Keepsake

AUR2002 Heart Candle

AUR1002 Heart Adult Urn

AUR1007(Large) AUR3017 (Keepsake) Together Forever

CMRPN200 Natural Finish Mdf Remembrance Photo Urn

CMBW200 Somerset White Box

AULC1010 CuddleBear

C322L Magnolia Lovebirds

AUPV617L (Large) AUPV617K (Keepsake) Golden Tree Of Life

AUPSTO Ocean Sunset Scatter Tube Trio

AUPSTO Ocean Sunset Scatter Tubes All Sizes

AUPSTBF Butterfly Scatter Tube

AUPSA01 Aqua Shell Urn

AUNUN Natural

AUMUM4 Modurn White And AUMUML4 White Gold

AUM9830 Cowboy Boots

AUKU004 Teardrop Heart Black Gold

AUKU002 Eencased Heart Fawn Trio

CMB840 Modern Photo Urn

AUA033 Luce Candle White Silver

AUA030 Eva White

AU004BW Blackwood Candle Satin Finish

AULA562 Silver Soul Bird Male

AULA520 T-Simplicity Midnight

AULA218 Art Deco

5261L Satori Pearl

5240L Aria Tree Of Life

5220L Trinity Moonlight Blue

2767 Pearl Songbird Keepsake

AULA1042 Wings Of Hope Pearl

AULA580 Tear Drop Midnight

AULA520 T-Simplicity Midnight

502L Grecian Crimson

AULA297 Blessings White

AULA280 Blessing Birds

AULA230 Mother of Pearl

Standard Urn

Standard Urns