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Our Aim

At Newhaven Funerals NQ it is our aim to help you personalise a service that best reflects your loved ones’ wishes.  Most people will arrange only one or two funerals in their lifetime.  This limited experience quite often leaves a family feeling inadequate, not knowing what the process is or what it may cost.  Just keep in mind there is no right and wrong, just do what you feel is best suited to your family and loved one.

Choose A Funeral That Suits You

Today in Australia, there is no single definition of a funeral and no real rules telling you what can or can’t be done. For many people there are cultural and religious traditions that take place at a funeral however there is an increasing trend toward a more informal and individualised ceremony. A big advantage of this shift is that it is now easier to tailor funerals to fit a budget.

Funeral Elements

Bringing A Community Together

As part of a growing trend, we find people want to have their say in how the funeral will look. Families want more involvement, they want the funeral to be meaningful, relevant and true to the life that was lived. They want it to be authentic. Funerals underpin a necessary part of grieving – they reinforce the reality that the death has happened. Funerals allow people to gather together when someone has died, they provide support, a platform to tell stories and pay respects.

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