Ways To Personalise Funerals In Mackay

Ways To Personalise Funerals In Mackay

Oct 21

Ways To Personalise Funerals In Mackay

Posted by Newhaven Funerals

Here at Newhaven Funerals, we understand the importance of a funeral, and how it can provide reassurance and closure to the deceased’s loved ones. As we like to say, a funeral is not simply a day in a lifetime; it is an opportunity to celebrate a lifetime in a day.

With this in mind, more and more people are looking to personalise funerals by considering how their loved one may have wanted to best celebrate their life. Here we discuss some of the ways to customise a funeral in Mackay:

Coloured clothing

It has always been a tradition to wear black at a funeral as a sign of respect for the deceased. More often than not, people choose to follow this tradition. However, wearing more colourful clothing has recently become one of the favoured ways to customise a funeral.

If your deceased loved one was more outgoing and you believe that they would have liked more colourful clothing, this is something to consider. Alternatively, some people like to wear their loved one’s favourite colours.

Personalised coffins

While the coffin is not something many of us like to think about, it is one of the main aspects of a funeral that can be customised to your preference. Many people choose to personalise the coffin with a special motif that would have meant something to their loved one.

The method of transport is also something to consider, as this can be easily used to reflect the interests or desires of the deceased. For example, while a hearse tends to be the most common method of transport, you may wish to consider your loved one’s favourite car, a motorbike, or a horse-drawn carriage if this is relevant to the deceased’s wishes.


Flowers are a traditional addition to any funeral, but they can also be used to add a customised touch. Making sure that the flowers were your loved one’s favourite is the easiest way to do this. You can also use the flowers to spell out a name or a special message or image.

Many people attending the funeral choose to bring flowers to pay their respects. If you believe this is what your loved one may have wanted, then you can leave this tradition be. Alternatively, you could consider asking for contributions to a certain charity if this is what you think your loved one would have preferred.


One of the most obvious ways to customise a funeral is through the tributes, whether this be a eulogy, a reading of their favourite poem, or a rendition of their favourite song. Sharing stories about the deceased and inviting guests to share their memories is a simple and effective way to ensure that the occasion is personalised.

In general, a customised funeral requires you to think about what your loved one would have wanted, and decide how you can best reflect their wishes throughout the funeral. Each individual is unique, and there are plenty of different ways that their life can be not just remembered, but also celebrated.

If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Newhaven Funerals. We can assist you during this sensitive time and help you plan a funeral that suits your requirements.