Why Pre-Planning Is Becoming So Popular

Why Pre-Planning Is Becoming So Popular

Sep 2

Why Pre-Planning Is Becoming So Popular

Posted by Newhaven Funerals

Dealing with the death of a loved one is always emotionally taxing and coming to terms with the loss can be incredibly difficult for those left behind. Add to this the pressure of having to make funeral arrangements in a short space of time, and it becomes a burden that scars even the most resilient of people.

Not surprisingly, more and more people are choosing to relieve their surviving folk of these responsibilities by pre-planning their departure arrangements. Pre-planning your funeral will spare your loved ones from undergoing the difficult process during their time of grief.

Let us, therefore, look at your pre-planning funeral options in Mackay.

As well as the factors listed below, you will of course have your reasons for pre-planning. Our funeral home wants to listen and strives to make sure your wishes are fulfilled. When the time comes, we want to make your final departure as easy as possible for your loved ones.

“I Did It My Way” – Know Your Wishes are Being Fulfilled

Pre-planning your departure affords you the opportunity, to some extent, to be remembered the way you want to be remembered. Very often, funerals are rubber-stamped affairs where the surviving kin act out the traditional and expected rituals almost mindlessly.

Every person who passes through our doors, be it the deceased or their loved ones, matters immensely to us. Therefore, we want to make your final send-off special.

You may have very specific plans for your funeral. Perhaps you want your loved ones to be laughing instead of crying, and for your memorial to be a celebration of your wonderful life. If this is the case we are more than happy to accommodate this and leave your loved ones with happy memories of your life.

On the other hand, you may not have the first idea about your funeral plans. Of course, your priority will be to have a dignified send-off and this is our priority too. If you wish, our team can have a detailed discussion with you about your wishes and desires for your service, allowing us to come up with a plan together.

Either way, pre-planning your funeral can be a massive relief not only to your loved ones but to yourself. You can rest assured that your service is a reflection of how you lived life and that it will bring great comfort to those left behind after your death.

Religious Concerns

Even in our more secularized society, religion and faith still play an integral part in many people’s lives. If you’re worried that your funeral service won’t sufficiently reflect your beliefs, pre-planning will be ideal for you.

On the other side of this argument, your own religious beliefs may not reflect those of your loved ones. Perhaps you are afraid that your family and friends will go against your wishes. We can help you create a secure plan for your memorial and take away this potential stress. Everything you say to us will be treated with the strictest confidence and, when your time comes, we will endeavour to fulfil your wishes.

We understand that your faith (or lack thereof) will be incredibly important when it comes to pre-planning your funeral, and we want to help to incorporate it as much as possible.


Life is full of challenges, and death even more so. Your funeral is the last impact you have on this world, and we know how important it is that your service reflects your wishes and values. By pre-planning your funeral, you can know that your wishes are fulfilled as well as minimizing the trauma on your loved ones.